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My free text ad
Ad Package of 20000 Points, 1 Solo Ad and 2000 Banner Impressions!
Promo Code: adbonus - nk234eb7 
Promo Code: nk234eb7  for 2 solo 2 banner 1 text 

Ca$h Text Ads - HOT HOT HOT 
Earn Cash Or Ads for reading Emails
Get paid Cash for everything you do... Clicks
banners, solos... Everything! Very Responsive

Promo Codes: ibs – PLX

Earners List
6 x 1000 Banner Impressions, 2 x 1000 Text Ad Impressions, 2000 Mailing Credits
Promo Code: newmember

Buzz Bee advertising
Use Promo Codes: new | erupt

Knock Out Ads
Promo Code: Cool55Deal

Viral Clix Ads
2 Banners with 5000 impressions each, 2 Traffic Links With 100 views each, 1 Solo ad sent to all members 
Promo Code: 032810

The Ads Busters
1 Solo Ad, 6 x 1000 Banner Impressions
Promo Code: adbonus

Ezy Mail Cash
You'll Receive...
2,000 Mailing Credits $20 Value
2 Text Links w/ 1K Impressions $20 Value
6 Banner Ads w/ 1K Impressions $60 Value
Promo Code: newmember

Pit Stop Traffic
750 Traffic Exchange Hits, 1500 Text and 1500 Banner Impressions!
Promo Code: adbonus

Simplicity Ads
Use Promo Codes: joinme | adbonus | simplicity | businessmailer
adbonus, SIM712010, joinme, newmember, tbpaidbonus, adtactics, businessmailer, simplicity

Gotta Have Ads
You Win prices very often by viewing ads
Promo Code: newmember

Your Ez Ads
5000 Mailing Credits, 6 x 1000 Banner Impressions, 2 x 1000 Text Link Impressions and over 6500 free advertising credits
use promo code: - newmember, storefree, listauction, adsandcash, YEA712010, adbonus

Soldier Ads - HOT! Exclusive Pro Upgrade
1 Solo Ad, 1 banner 1000 
Promo code: - 1FREE4ALL
Exclusive FREE Pro Upgrade Promo Code: - dougSOL

Seasoned Ads - New Free Pro Upgrade
Free Pro Upgrade 1st 300
2 Banners, 3 Solos
Promo Code: - seasoned

Driving Traffic 2 U - SUPERHOT Free Pro Update
2 banners and free pro upgrade
Promo code1: - FreePro -
15000 Points, 3 Solo Ads, 2 Banners 2, 
Trafic Links, 2 Headline Ads, 2 Hot Links
Promo Code2: - FastTraffic

Water Lilly Ad Exchange - Nice One
4 Solo Ad, 4 Banners 
1 Button ad 125x125 Banner
3 Traffic link, 2 Hot Links 
Promo codes: - LillyPad

How Not To
2 Solo ads
Promo Code: - newmember

Mega Traffic List
16000 Credits, 2 Banners, 1 Solo ad, 2 Text Links
Promo Code: - newmember - tazmeg87

My Traffic Ace
2 Banners, 3 Solo ads, 2 Traffic Links
Promo Code: - aceshigh

Real-Time-Traffic HOT
60000 Points, 3 Banners, 1 Button ad, 3 Solo ads,
1 Hotlink, 3 Traffic Links
Promo Code: - Free

Solo Power Adexchange HOT
25500 Points, 2 Banners, 1 Button ad, 4 Solo ads,
2 Hot links, 2 Traffic links, 1 Paid to click ad
Promo Code: - POWER

Sunshine Text Ads 
2 Banners, 2 Solo ads, 2 Traffic links, 2000 points
Promo Code: - sunshine

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