Free Mass Mailer Script

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The Free Mail Sender script is very small, less than 20k, but extremely POWERFUL as you'll see!

♦ It's a simple PHP script.

♦ It does not require ANY configuration.

♦ You don't have to "CHMOD", or set permissions or set 'paths' or anything.

♦ Works even on a free hosting account.

Just upload it to your web host, open it in your browser and mail. That's it!

It can send to thousands of emails a day.

So it's completely portable, light-weight and can go with you to just about any hosting provider you want and you don't need a team of tech experts to help you set it up on your hosting account.

But... it's also a very powerful script.

It allows you to upload your list with one click. Most people will load a few hundred to a few thousand emails at a time. I can't guarantee the max number is, but it's powerful enough for most people.

Here is how to set it up..

♦ If you don't have a hosting account, get a FREE one HERE

♦ Log into your hosting account and create a new file and call it: freemail.php

♦ Copy the script below and paste it into your new created file and click save, - thats it!

♦ Just open your site, - it should look like this:

You're ready to send out your first mass mailing campaign!

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