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IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will not get rich using this system but you can make some cool "pocket money" if you follow these simple instructions - but again it depends on how much work you are willing to do - some people are making $1000+ a month using this system!

Please read the entire page before doing anything!

You will be using 4 FREE programs in order to make money with this - 3 "money makers" and 1 "traffic source" all free! You will also need about 1 hour to set the whole thing up and 15 minutes a day to drive traffic to it!

Let's just start....

Just follow these steps below one-by-one, - each time you are finish with one step get back here and follow the next step - each link below will open in a new window so you will not lose this page you are on right now!

First you need to join these 3 free money making programs:

Program 1: CLICK HERE and join as an affiliate (you will earn up to $0.20 per click to your affiliate link!!

Program 2: CLICK HERE you will earn up to $4 per 1000 visitors and 20% of your referrals earnings!

Program 3: CLICK HERE you will earn up to 75% of every sales generated from your link (this is a Clickbank affiliate page, so be sure you are signed up with Clickbank!

Now you have joined all the above, so let's proceed...

Open program 1 and 2 - get your affiliate link from program 1 and shortned it into program 2 - you now have a shortened url for program 1 - copy that link and open program 3..

Click on "Manage Campaign " and "Create Campaign " - select "Package 3 " or "package 6 "

Scroll down and in the drop-down box select "WAIT, Check Out This Special Offer I Just Made For You! "

In the "Redirect URL" box right below just put in the shortened link you saved from program 1

You now have a website url look like this one:

The above website link is your money making link and this is the link you need to promote using the free advertising methods below!

NOTE: if you want to earn even more I recommend you to upgrade in program 3!

Now go ahead and promote money making link using the tools below - I recommend you use 15 - 30 minutes a day to advertise your link!

Program 4: This is actually not a program but resources to get free traffic to your links - including free promo codes to use for FREE solo ads, text links, etc..

Traffic source #1

Traffic source #2

Traffic source #3

Traffic source #4

Here is how it will work out...

You advertise your link from "Program 3" (the money making website link) using the traffic sources above- people will see your "One Time Offer" Page and scroll down the page - if they buy you will get paid instantly to your Clickbank account - THAT'S COOL!! but if they click "No Thanks" They will get redirected to your shortened link and you will get paid from program 1 AND 2 no matter what!!! Is that cool or what!!

No more talk - get into work now!

Download your bonus below just click on each image:


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