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- Fresh Opt in's (3-5 days old)
- Full name, and Phone Numbers including Area Code
- Email address- DNS checked and verified
- Date/Time Stamp with IP Address

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Sending option 1:

If you have your own website you can use this simple copy/paste script - just create a new file and call it "mailerx.php" then copy the script and paste on the new page and open the page and voila, - you have your own mass mailer!

Sending option 2:

You can also download this easy-to-use desktop mailer below.

* Go to this page HERE and use one of the 3 options do download the software..

* After downloading the software it will create a desktop icon.

* When it ask you if you want to use SMTP or DNS go for the DNS option and use the 'Detect' button.

* Open the software and just follow the 'Wizard' - it will tell you exactly what to do, - NOTE: when it ask you if you want to upload a list or add emails manually go for the 'upload list' option.

* Then just write the ad you want to sent to your uploaded list including a headline and also remember to include your website link!

* It may be a good idea to include a disclaimer at the bottom of your email - you are welcome to use the one below:

Sending option 3:

You can also use gmail for mass sending.

* Go to this page HERE and follow the simple instructions on how you can use gmail accounts for mass sending.


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