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As you are probably aware, there is hundreds of different ways to drive traffic to your website, but in this little report, I will just focus on one.

The traffic source that we will be using is slideshare.com

Slideshare is quickly becoming one of the best traffic sources online for any niche. It is full of like minded professionals and more importantly ADULTS. They are proven buyers. Slideshare is generating about 200 Million pageviews per month currently and is always increasing. It also ranks in google extremely well, so that is also a huge bonus.

Ok, so how do we get in front of this audience?

Simple really, just create some simple slide shows and upload them. Creating a slide show is easy. It is just a powerpoint presentation with a different name. I use Open-office to create mine. Just simply open it up, click create new presentation and away we go.

It is very important to hyperlink your title (which should be your keyword) to your website or affiliate link. This passes on some awesome link juice. The trick here is to make sure you have a catchy title, this seems to help get a lot more views to your slides. Insert your content, does not have to be very long.

Then obviously link to the page that you want them to go to with a good call to action, something like: If you loved the info in this slide then you will definitely love this website, check it out here:http://yoursite.com

Then save your presentation as your keyword or title. And that is all there is to it.

Now what I want you to do is upload at least 2 slides per day. This will ensure that your traffic levels are always increasing, obviously if you want you can do more.

What content should I upload?

Anything that you think that your target audience would be interested in. A good start would be to summarise your website into a slide show and then upload it, linking to the exact site Don't stress though if you run out of ideas to create slides on, simply head over to ezine articles and do a search for your niche keywords. You will find plenty of content here to get your creative juices flowing.

DO NOT plagiarise though, simply use the articles there and put in your own words.

So there you have it, set up the first two, then start uploading at least 2 slides per day and before long you will be at 200 visitors per day and more. The trick here is to take action, trust me, you will soon see great results!

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